Video Production alabama

   We specialize in storytelling.  We want to connect your story to the viewer.  Every story is different and project sizes vary from a short promo to a multi day shoot; we can handle all aspects.  We use the latest in high definition digital cinema style cameras as well as the professional audio equipment and lighting to guarantee the highest quality product.  After the shoot, we use industry standard software to edit your story.  Our prices include all aspects of the project.  Once your product is approved and ready to go in a timely manner, it is delivered in the appropriate format to fit your needs.



including pre-production, site setup and teardown, onsite shooting and post production.

standard production rate for a single man crew  

-Retainer based options available with discounted rates

Contact for custom quote

-Special pricing available for multiple day documentary style projects

Contact for pricing and info - (i.e. mission/ministry trip, multi day commercial shoot)

Other add-on costs: extra crew members, travel expenses, per diem, talent hiring, special effects, stock music/video licensing, etc…

Pre production is important to your project.  Proper planning will ensure your story reaches it’s full potential.  Some elements of pre production are: story boarding, script writing/editing, location scouting, shoot scheduling, lining up talent, etc.

Post production takes the raw footage and turns it into an awesome story.  This brings the final look and feel of your story to life.  Some elements of post production are:  importing footage, editing clips, color grading, music, titles, graphics, and finalizing for delivery.